This afternoon, we had our quarterly conference call with representatives from the New York State Pre-Adoption Certificate unit, The New York State Adoption Information Registry, and Tim Monti-Wohlpart from the American Adoption Congress. Updated information on Pre-Adoption Certificate orders: The Pre-Adoption Certificate Unit at the NYS Bureau of Vital Records is currently receiving an average of 200 orders per month. They continue to process applications in the order in which they were received. Cumulatively, as of 8/13/21, 12,796 orders have been received since the implementation of the legislation in January of 2020. Updated information on the NYS Adoption Information Registry (NYS AIR): The Pre-Adoption Certificate Unit encourages all applicants who have not previously registered with the NYS AIR to submit an application. Although the NYS AIR is working diligently to process the significant volume of new applications, we are still experiencing delays in processing NYC applications due to other offices and localities working with reduced staff. Adoption Information Registry statistics as of 8/18/21: Since implementing the new legislation for Pre-Adoption Certificates on 1/15/20, the AIR has registered: 1,217 Adoptees 1,195 Birth Parents 815 Biological Siblings The AIR now has approximately 52,815 total registrants The AIR has completed approximately 121 matches between Adoptees, Birth Parents, and Siblings since the implementation of the legislation in January of 2020. The NYS AIR has, historically, completed 2,990 total matches. Additional information is as follows: To date, there have been approximately 51 applications received for those born outside of but adopted within New York State. To date, a total of 618 direct line descendant applications have been received. All adoptees are encouraged to register with NYSAIR (aka “The Registry”). If you are already registered please be sure to update your contact information with any name or address changes. Birth parent registrations have increased exponentially since August. The state would love to be able to match more people but can only do that if everyone registers and updates their information.